Are Electric Scooters Good For Commuting?

So you still wonder about, are electric scooters good for commuting? Let us end this curiosity for you.

After getting down from public transport, you really would not like to walk long down Street. Especially when you are going to the office. Of course, no one wants to be late for their works, meetings etc.

In today’s competitive world we really need to be extremely fast in our daily routine. Find out ways to save our precious little time and hard earned money where ever possible- Same goes for commuting as well.

If you are someone who’s looking to overcome this issues of parking, public transport, the cheapest way possible is none other then using energy efficient electric scooters for commuting.

Why Electric Scooter for Commuting?

Gone the days when they considered being only kids and stunt riders toys. They have come a long way out to be useful for commuting purpose. Modern technologies have made them robust, dynamic, portable, economical.

Cheapest Option to choose from starts a hundred to thousands of bucks depends on your preference. You can easily take them around with you almost everywhere inside bus, trains, any other public transport. It needs minimum maintenance and change the batteries once in a year or depends on your use.

It has become the new-age lifestyle and trademarks of new generations and catching up quickly in the market.

Energy Efficient

Best for environment eco-friendly. No need of wasting time and money at gas stations like car owners. An expense of fuel will be knocked out. You’ll surely find savings using electric scooters. Many companies have started building zero emission scooters which can help nature and you’ll be leading from the front by using it.

Best For Daily Commute

You’ll not feel bored going for short distances, social gatherings with friends at nearby places like restaurants, coffee shop for a quick sip.

Don’t have to wait for any public transport, you can move at your will. You can charge at night for the morning commute and at the office for a return trip. Riding electric scooter will be an updated new version of walking as you’ll be moving fast enough to reach a destination on time.

They are lightweight, portable and foldable so you can easily carry them and won’t ask for big room space.

Riding will be much safer than fast-moving automobiles. Crowded places will be an easy trick to find a way now. Yeah, now it seems fun as you’ll be ditching that walking habit for a mile.

Health Benefits

Don’t even think for a second it’ll make you lazy and don’t need any physical attention. Fact is you need constant focus while riding in the natural surroundings.

It’s like a light exercises which can help you in losing some calories in long run.

Not to forget it provides you privacy which you don’t get while using public transports. Just Imagine the next person is having a cold cough? You have to be cautious if don’t wanna catch that cold flu and make your self-sick.

Electric Scooter will provide you that privacy and you’ll not be packed in crowded places for a long time.

You’ll feel much closer to nature then you had been before.


Explore More Places

You won’t believe how fun is riding an electric scooter if you haven’t ridden it before

Take a trip around places where you not visited before.

Break that path which you left fearing of walking along mile like exploring the beach, coffee place, restaurant, club.

Tip: Just don’t forget to charge it full for premium experience or else you have to push it a long way.

Our Top Pick Electric Scooters For Commuting

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter


No introduction needed for this premium looking electric scooter.

Perhaps the best selling electric scooter.

Let us hint you some features of it and why we think it is the best for commuting.


    • Comes with a folding feature which you can walk with like a roller suitcase bag
    • Comes with a canvas cover to move and store easily
    • A person with height around 6’4 and weight over 200 lbs also can ride easily
    • The estimated range of 15 miles and a top speed of 15 mph
    • Extremely portable to move at any place
    • High Battery Quality


We believe electric scooters brings a lot of comfort and lifestyle changes in personal life.

Again as the world is changing very fast, we may see electric scooter progress more and bring more innovations.

Well, that ends our short story. We believe you got every question answer here, If not then don’t feel hesitate in asking any queries.

Also, if you ride an electric scooter for commuting do share your experience and memories we’ll love to hear that in comments below.


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